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All music and lyrics written and performed by J.R. Rivero (Suarez), except for "Romance del Amargo"


released October 5, 2015



all rights reserved


PALANKEEN Boise, Idaho

Plankeen is a solo music project of J.R. Rivero Kinsey (formerly Suarez)
Other projects: Soundtrack for Bluebird Man (Wild Lens), Mahavia, Gem State (Tim Andreae),

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Track Name: Pelican
Face like a child and words like brass
Burn the ground as you walk through the grass
Strike the earth with your blow
As we all watch you glow

I looked for you where you had gone
You walked in deep water with your boots on
Fly down and take me away
They tell me it's lovely where you've gone to stay

It's hard to imagine you still as a stone
Strings and trinkets beat into your bones
A darling Clementine, you are
When you reached you'd gone too far

Unbroken hearts are boring and grey
But I'd take you back for another day
Your voice is in my head still
You have left no place to fill

Knock on my door and sit in the chair
Drink the tea that I placed for you there
And tell me where you have been
And if you'll go again
Track Name: Slender
A young and solemn, slender Jude so early had lost his way
He had got the wrong one and bound he was to stay
But he fell to longing from an image of her, he full of wanting and dust
It was not well for them, and worse as the Fawley he was

Man could no live by work along, he wanted something to love
That's a good intention wasted, you'll get no help from above
Would you ever care for me, a fool on course to be well read
That's bitter of you darling, I dared hope for more than a tender friend

Now my darling, what will you do, I had a dream that I married you
You've said it would end in misery, well I am respectable too
They do think it a wicked, wreckless and immoral way
But in your unease I'm made unhappy, so unmarried we shall stay

Father Time's heart arrived broken, then there followed two
We are rather a sad family, so now my sweetheart what shall we do
Well, I'm an outsider to the end of my days, it do look ill and worn out, it's true
Even though we have wronged no man, how could we be so simple to think this might do

In Little Time's awareness, of suffering and scorn, he said unto his mother, "I ought not to be born"
To end all of their misfortune, the solution came into his head
When they came home and entered, there they found all the children were dead

Convinced the blame lay with her alone, dear Sue slowly lost her mind
Though it was only the nature of little Father Time
"I have done such a wicked thing, I'm afraid that I must go, atone to him with mind and body, with Jude I cannot make a home"

Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way
"I cannot approach you, so then alone I will stay"
For all there ill assortment, he quaked and died, if ever a lonely end, there was
But then no one came to him, because no one ever does
Track Name: A.I.R.
I am old, I'm not afraid, but I'm tired
I've decided not to cry anymore
Dont give me your time, I've had plenty
I never thought I'd get here at all
You can leave me, I may live a year or a day
I'm happy to sleep on and on

I won't tell you what I know when you're not with me
As I shuffle and reach through my hours
Your waiting for me to say to you
What you comfortably want to hear done
I won't tell you if I care about yesterday
And you'll miss me when I'm gone

My death is the line you'll leave your childhood behind
And you'll miss me, when I am gone
Track Name: Baruch in the Northern Lights
Are we angels or are we friends, are we lovers, or beyond all that in the end

We are the same one but, I'm the half that's small
And you gave me wings so when I died it didn't matter at all

You know, my love, there is no kingdom of heaven
And we will keep them from killing our brethren

Come here with me, be brave my sweet one, you must be kind forever and go on as if I'd not gone
When you're beyond your enemies you can lay down and rest, and love strangers who take care of you, but I'll always love you in the end
Track Name: The Good Counselor
The path no longer solid beneath my feet
Don't try to comfort me, I will not sleep
I will be done with crushing teeth and bones
She prevents my return to skin and stone

I'll lose the line I tow
I will fade from where I did grow

A single coin is all that I will pay
Cerberus will keep me in my place
A sceptre and a key are in his hand
Your sharp grief will drive me into his land

Turn the light out

"So she spoke and my spirit was broken within me, and I wept as I sat on the bed
Nor had my heart any longer desire to live and behold the sun
But when I had my fill of weeping and writhing and I addressed her, saying, 'Who will guide us on this journey? To Hades no man ever yet went in a black ship'
So I spoke, and the beautiful goddess straight away made answer
'Let there be in thy mind no concern for a pilot to guide thy ship, but set up thy mast, and spread the white sail, and sit thee down, and the breath of the north wind will sail her onward'"
Track Name: Climbing Boy
From your mother to flame and weep
With the hearth your place to keep
Rub your tender flesh with brine
Heat will harden you in time

Scrape and crawl your brick laid womb
With your bread no book to bloom
Crown you in a heated flue
Elsewhere there's no place for you

To your end we will employ
You sweet, tender climbing boy
Track Name: William's Hymn
At the start, as you were falling over
Trampled down, all the sweet smelling clover
Seeds were ground in the sun baked earth
Bricks laid down, you absorbed your worth

If I'd had a son, would he have grown to be worthy of sin
Faithful to run, with the unburdened of lifetimes withing
Changes do come, tempering your body and mind weathered thin
When battles are won, will there be washing of insider's din

With shadows that will genty find their trade
As waters burn and widows mend their place
And glances fade

After the frost, at dawn's last words
Forgiven and admired is your work
Track Name: Converstions with the Advocate
I wanna know if you were blinded when I asked if you would tear him apart
Is it true that you were drowning in the sweat of your brow at the mending of the start

You are earth combined with the fragrance of pavement and blood left baking in the sun
I would have swallowed you in pieces, let your shadow burn sideways and pray the you would come

Are you dark, are you warm, are you fairly won
If I come and take you home, will you give me the sun

I want to play with you, and set you on a throne
When I look into your face, I want to go home
Track Name: 607 1/2
I loved you and you loved me, or that is what we hoped to be
I ignored that other boy, so you could be my sweet new toy

We hid away above the scene, into each other's punk rock jeans
You asked me for a month or more, knowing I'd soon lose interest in adoring you

She's away in the dark machine...

I miss what this place was back then, when I didn't try to be your friend
I know about the song you wrote, and the nickname you gave me
I didn't think you had the right to hate me so completely

She's away in the dark machine...
Track Name: Romance del Amargo
El 25 de Julio le dijeron al amargo
Ya puedes cortar, si quieres, las adelfas de tu patio

Pinta una cruz en la puerta, y pon tu nombre debajo
Porque cicutas y ortigas naceran en tu costado
Y agujas de cal mojadas, te morderan los zapatos

Sera de noche en lo oscuro
Por los montes imantadados
Donde los bueyes del agua beben los juncos soñando

Pide luces y campanas y aprende a cruzar las manos
Y a gustar los aires frios de metales y peñascos
Porque adentro de dos meses, yacerás amortajado
Track Name: The Line
Long since gone, there was a space in time, that my body was your own, that your body was my home
Your aloneness had a face it gave to all the disgrace they laid on you
You brought me in to take my instinctive place, not knowing the burden I would become too

Cling to the marrow of mother's embrace, and refuse to give her your own
You put down your blood and bone
Break her heart, hold her in her place, nurture your anger, see her weak
Disallowing her ancient grace that she wants to speak

Glean your birth from the line and pace of a single breath and tone
Be not separate or alone
Frame your heart in a fitting brace
Put down your airs, your hollow cheek
Bring her into the gentle place that she wants to keep

Cling to the marrow of mother's embrace, as you take her to your home
You won't leave her on her own
Change the battle from her, make it safe to love you the way she's going to
Clean her brow of anguish that you gave
Inter the sorrow she mislaid on you